eRSP Human Resource Features

The eRSP™ Employee Management features makes it easy manage and retain your employee work force. The Employee profile include features to define your care provider's skills, capabilities, credentials, availability and pay scale. These customizable attributes are used by eRSP™ to efficiently match the right care provider to a client need and automatically apply the correct pay rates for services rendered.


Applicant Management

With the eRSP™ Applicant Management feature, you can collect and store application information, track interview and follow up schedules, complete credential check lists and seamlessly convert an applicant into an eRSP™ active employee.

  • Customizable Application Form and Questions
  • Link to Application Form from anywhere
  • Call Log Tracking
  • Follow Up Tasks and Interview Reminders
  • Credentials
  • Integrated Background Checks
  • Easy conversion to an Active Employee
  • Rejection Reason Codes and Notes


Payroll Period Calculations

With one click, the eRSP™ Payroll Module automatically calculates regular, overtime and holiday pay based on the actual hours posted on the Calendar and the Payroll option rules.

  • Preview and Edit
  • Hourly, Fixed Pay Shifts, Live In Pay by Employee
  • Daily and Weekly Overtime Calculations
  • Holiday Uplifts
  • Travel Time (based on drive time)
  • Sleep Time
  • Blended Rate Calculation
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly Periods
  • Customizable Output Feeds to Payroll Solutions: Learn More
  • FLSA Ready: Learn More

OT Safeguards

The eRSP™ Calendar provides fully integrated safeguards to warn you of potential overtime shifts.

  • Daily and Weekly Max Hours Alerts
  • Max Hours Calendar Conflicts


Fair Labor Standards Act

eRSP™ provides a broad range of scheduling and payroll features to help with the constantly changing federal labor laws regarding domestic care workers.

eRSP™ also provides a detailed analysis report to assist you with determine where you are with the new ACA regulations.

  • Daily and Weekly Max Hours Alerts
  • Max Hours Calendar Conflicts
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The following are reports to assist you in understanding your cost, margins and expected payroll results before you run your payroll build.

  • Margins
  • Labor Cost
  • Payroll Preview
  • Max Hours