eRSP™ Financials

The eRSP™ Financial modules pre-calculate client invoices and employee payroll amounts based on the actual hours worked posted on the Calendar and the customizable billing and payroll rules set up in the definitions tables. The invoice and payroll results are then formatted for import into the accounting product or service of your choice.

Traditional Invoicing

Private Duty and Commercial

The eRSP™ Invoice Feature automatically pre-calculates your client invoices based on the actual hours posted on the Calendar. Prior to generating the invoice batches, you can preview and make last minute adjustments.

  • Preview and Edit
  • Customizable Pricing and Discounts or Uplifts
  • Individual, Commercial and Medicaid/Insurance Invoices
  • Client Invoice Notification
  • Paper Invoice Printing Options
  • Integration with Accounts Receivable - Learn More
  • Invoice Visibility on Family Connect

Online Payments

Credit Card and ACH Payments

The eRSP™ Online Payments feature enables agencies to collect payment via credit card or ACH transaction. We know there's an incredible amount of time and effort you put into collecting payment from your clients every month, and our goal is to save you days worth of work by automating the entire collection process.

  • Process Credit Card/ACH transactions with the Auto Pay feature
  • Family members can access Family Connnect to make a payment, or setup auto pay.
  • Family members can easily split the cost.
  • Family members can review full billing history at any time.

eRSP AR Management

Manage Client Balance Due

The eRSP™ AR Management Feature enables agencies to post payments and track client balance due.

  • Electronic and Manual Deposit Batch processing
  • Reconciliation to bank deposits
  • Credit Balance Management; Credit Memos, Unapplied Funds, Apply Credits & Check Reimbursements
  • Security Deposits
  • Sales Revenue, Collections and Transaction History Reports
  • eRSP™ AR Ledger enables transaction tracking against AR, Cash, Liability and Sales Revenue Accounts


Payroll Period Calculations

With one click, the eRSP™ Payroll Module automatically calculates regular, overtime and holiday pay based on the actual hours posted on the Calendar and the Payroll option rules.

  • Preview and Edit
  • Hourly, Fixed Pay Shifts, Live In Pay by Employee
  • Daily and Weekly Overtime Calculations
  • Holiday Uplifts
  • Travel Time (based on drive time)
  • Sleep Time
  • Blended Rate Calculation
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly Periods
  • Customizable Output Feeds to Payroll Solutions - Learn More
  • FLSA Ready - Learn More