CRM - Contact Management

A critical component to any business is managing your new sales pipeline and properly vetting out your new employees through a controlled on-boarding process. To assist you with these processes, eRSP™ provides you with a fully integrated Contact Management Feature.


Referral Management

The eRSP™ Referrer feature provides tools to identify referrer source contacts and track the on-going sales interaction with each entity.

  • Maintain detailed profile and contact information per Referrer/Source
  • Categorize your referrers for reporting using Class and Tag features
  • Assign a Referrer/Source to a Sales Representative
  • Associate Prospects and Clients for reporting purposes
  • Create Tasks and Reminders per Referrer/Source.
  • Maintain call interaction history per Referrer/Source
  • Save document attachments per Referrer/Source


Prospect Management

The eRSP™ Prospect Management feature allows you to easily capture new contact information and manage the call follow up sales cycle.

  • Maintain detailed profile and contact information per Prospect
  • Maintain assessments per prospect
  • Categorize your prospects using Class and Tag features
  • Assign your prospects to a Sales Representative
  • Create Tasks and Reminders per Prospect.
  • Maintain call interaction history per Prospect
  • Automatically convert a Prospect to an Active Client
  • Track prospect declines
  • Track performance through multiple metrics reports


Applicant Management

With the eRSP™ Applicant Management feature, you can collect and store application information, track interview and follow up schedules, complete credential check lists and seamlessly convert an applicant into an eRSP™ active employee.

  • Customizable Application Form and Questions
  • Link to Application Form from anywhere
  • Call Log Tracking
  • Follow Up Tasks and Interview Reminders
  • Credentials
  • Easy conversion to an Active Employee
  • Rejection Reason Codes and Notes


Goals and Metrics

The eRSP™ Contact Management Feature includes metrics reporting to provide visibility to intake processes. Using the eRSP™ Tag Feature, you can organize your contacts into categories to add further visibility to where your new opportunities are coming from.

  • Set Task Goals per Sales Rep
  • Track performance activity against those goals
  • Track sales per Referral Source
  • Track intake metrics against tag groups