Our Commitment to You

We at Kaleida Systems are ALL IN to serve you by providing the best possible product and support at an affordable price. We do this with innovation, energy and commitment to your success.

Why Does It Matter So Much

Many of us at KSI have personally experienced family members reaching that point where they need help and have seen how care providers have been able to enrich their lives. By providing you with the best possible tools to be successful, we feel like we have a part in making a difference. We are very passionate about what we do and consider it an honor to serve those who are serving our seniors and those in need.

David Glenn


As founder and CEO of Kaleida Systems, Dave currently serves as CFO as well. Dave is responsible for setting the business strategy and aligning it with the product development strategy, setting customer prices, as well as business profits. Dave started his career with IBM, and led many projects until founding Kaleida Systems. Two projects he led were mentioned in Public Companies’ Annual Reports. Dave has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson University, and a MBA from Queens University of Charlotte.

  • Industry Experience: 19 Years
  • Management Experience: 33 Years

Russell Roux


As co-founder and initial creator (Father) of eRSP, Russ currently serves as the Chief Technology and Operating Officer responsible for all product feature development, private cloud data centers and customer service operations. Russ began his career with IBM, and worked primarily in the manufacturing and banking sectors. Russ has a Bachelor of Science from Belmont-Abbey.

  • Industry Experience: 19 Years
  • Management Experience: 25 Years

Patrick Hannah

Sales and Client Relations

As the client face and voice of eRSP, Patrick currently is responsible for all new sales of eRSP. Patrick also consults with agency owners to assist them in transforming their operations for efficiency and profitability. Patrick has successfully developed new, adjoining market segments for eRSP implementation including Supported Living. Patrick is highly regarded by eRSP client agencies, and by many others in the market segment.

  • Industry Experience: 17 Years
  • Management Experience: 20 Years

Kaleida Systems, Inc.

Kaleida Systems, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is head-quartered in Matthews, NC just outside of Charlotte. We have a distinguished history of helping clients improve their business operations by creating mission-critical software solutions specifically for the Internet. At Kaleida Systems, we have senior managers with extensive business and technical backgrounds, cutting edge programmers capable of taking full advantage of state of the art Internet technologies and support consultants with extensive home care industry knowledge and experience.


eRSP™ is a Cloud-based home care software product that provides a full range of features for agency operations, financials and in-home services.

At the core is the employee scheduling calendar that centralizes the tracking of client service requirements, and the scheduling of the best employees to perform the services. With the eRSP™ Mobile, EVV and 2-Way Communication features, agencies have complete visibility and control of their in-home service operations.

By The Numbers

Over the past 15 years, eRSP™ has grown from a small two-guys and server company to an enterprise capable of supporting small start up agencies to large single enterprises managing 500K+ billable hours per month.

By the Numbers:

  • Serving over 1500 enterprises
  • Serving 60K+ seniors and those in need
  • Processing 30M+ transactions per month
  • Data-centers in multiple US cities
  • Maintaining 99.98% Availability
  • Handling 1000+ support calls per month

eRSP™ Hosting

Clould Computing Technology

eRSP™ was originally developed exclusively for the Internet in 2001 making it the first cloud based solution in the Home Care industry. As pioneers in developing solutions for the Internet, we are constantly evolving and investing in state of the art techniques and technology making eRSP™ a cutting-edge cloud based software solution. eRSP™ is supported by data-centers in multiple US cities to provide the highest level of redundancy and availability possible.