Feature Spotlight: Medicaid EVV

The eRSP™ Telephony and Mobile Connect features are fully integrated with the new State Medicaid Visit Verification (EVV) solutions. Using the client telephone or Mobile Device, employees can clock-in and out of their service visits and collect visit information on required activities that happened during the visit. Verification information is then automatically sent to the designated State or MCO Medicaid EVV Solution. Learn More

Companion/Personal Care

Private Duty Senior Care

eRSP™ is a highly customizable and feature-rich agency management software designed for the private duty home care industry. First deployed in 2002, eRSP™ is the original cloud-based home care solution. eRSP™ has grown up with the home care industry and offers both innovative features and experienced services.

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Authorization Services

Medicaid and Private Insurance

For agencies providing both private duty and State Medicaid Authorized services, eRSP™ is the perfect solution. The eRSP™ Medicaid/Insurance suite enables agencies to manage both business processes with a single integrated solution.

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Supported Living

Developmental Disabilities

We are committed to working with the Supported Living Community to provide a customized eRSP™ solution for agencies that provide supported and independent living services to those with developmental disabilities, so they can live in a home of their own with the supports needed to live the life that they choose.

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Assisted Living

Personalized Living Services

eRSP™ is the ideal solution for Assisted Living Companies to manage their personalized living services for residents as well as extending their reach into the surrounding communities. eRSP™ provides customizable intake and output interfaces making it easy to integrate with existing corporate information systems.

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